Innovative Alterable handlebar

The handlebar can be placed in the right or left side according to riders’ habits. Lightweight aluminium chassis, adjustable saddle and breathable cushion and removable joystick with LED display make our innovative Nino Mobility very unique .

Nino Robotics Official

Nino Robotics

Digital Diagnosis:

Perform real time system and firmware upgrades via your App, or
the health and status of your battery. Adjust speed settings with just one click, Calibrate the sensors,
routine maintenance and checks could not be simpler

Nino Robotics Official

Patented Intelligent light design

The embedded headlight will illuminate the dark environment to ensure a safe ride. The rear intelligent light will light automatically if brake to remind the rear vehicles and passersby.


Ninebot Nino Robotics seat with double honeycomb mesh breathable material, is wear-proof and durable. The longer you sit, the more comfortable you feel.


Nino boasts a revolutionary design, and redefines the benchmark for what’s currently on
the market.
Compact, modern, light, colourful and comfortable, Nino highlights its user.
Design is a fundamental part of Nano Mobility.


We focus all our efforts on the user and pay attention to the finest of
We constantly prototype and model to continually refine our products,
ensuring the best experience for our end users. We take special care to
select the best  manufacturers and work with them collaboratively
to produce premium-grade robots

NIno Robotics Official

Nino Robotics UK

Cutting edge innovation

Using the auto-stabilising technology built by Nano® as propulsion system, custom modified for the use of
people with disabilities, all you require is good upper-trunk mobility. The sophisticated engineering behind it allows the user to have full control
of acceleration by simply leaning forward and backward to brake or reverse. The removable handle allows for transfers with ease! It boasts a
fusion of powerful gyroscopic motors and complex programming – the perfect robotic companion for your daily lifestyle. Nano enables you to
have no limits!
The electronics on-board Nino, carefully manage the stability and changes in terrain, slope and position of the body. It enables the user to
maintain full control at all times – whatever the road, wherever the ride.
Ultra-lightweight (39kg), Nano Mobility will take you anywhere: whether car, train or even by plane, thanks to its dedicated Fly Case (option) – Nano has
got it all covered! Seat and armrests folded, its footprint is minimal. It’s eco-friendly too – there’s no better way to stay green!

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the super large LED display on the handlebar that can be upgraded precisely shows the real-time data. A wide and comfortable saddle in A6S promotes it into the mainstream consuming market.